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Frozen Chicken

Frozen chicken has numerous health benefits, as these have high mineral content. The zinc content in allows for the proper function. These have a key role in the immune function. Frozen chicken is enriched with selenium. It is used in many restaurants, parties and household. This assist in controlling the cell growth and maintains the thyroid gland function. In addition, it has high nutritive content. This can retain its freshness for longer period of time. This is used to make basic barbecue chicken and is simple to prepare. It can be cooked and handled properly.

Frozen Chicken Feet

We are involved in providing a broad arrangement of Frozen Chicken Feet. It is properly wash and clean in a hygienic place without adding any preservatives. Therefore, provided feet consist bones, skin but doesnt have any muscles. It is included with loaded nutrients like protein, calcium which is easily absorbed in body. Frozen Chicken Feet is helpful to minimize the arthritis and reduce the chances of brittle bone. It controls the high blood pressure and give protection against joint pain.



Frozen Chicken Paws

We are able to supply a wide array of Frozen Chicken Paws. These paws are basically providing the natural compounds from the cartilage. These are also added as a flavour taste in many soups. Frozen Chicken Paws are useful to reduce the ailment of diabetes and other chronic problems. These are rich in vitamins and proteins which helps to make active body. Frozen Chicken Paws are good to promote stamina and improve the immunity level.



Halal Whole Chicken

Being a reliable organization, we are providing an extensive range of Halal Whole Chicken. It is known for its purity and fresh packaging. This chicken is perfectly prepared and easy to fried. It doesnt contain any radicals or harmful preservatives. Halal Whole Chicken is demanded in the meat store due to its delicious and rick taste. It is used to treat anaemia, protect eyesight and support body cells to cure all the ailments in a safer manner.



Frozen Chicken Wing

Backed with the aid of adept experts, we are providing a fresh stock of Frozen Chicken Wing. It is easy to cooked and boiled in a quick way. This wing is highly beneficial to improve metabolic disorders, arthritis, heart diseases and digestive system. Frozen Chicken Wing is convenient to fried and mixed with spices to add on its real taste. It can be chopped and cut into varied pieces to make great presentation in front of clients.


Frozen Chicken Mid Wings

Frozen Chicken Two Joint Wing

Boneless Chicken Breast

We are successfully involved in rendering a high quality of Boneless Chicken Breast. It is loaded with minerals as well as vitamins. It is processed with the aid of advance food tools to render a fresh range in the market. This chicken is useful to prevent many problems such as blood pressure, reducing weight loss, control the risk of cancer growth and improve high cholesterol level. Boneless Chicken Breast can be grilled and boiled in a reliable manner without making any efforts.


Chicken Leg Quarters

We are engaged in providing an exclusive range of Chicken Leg Quarters. These contains excellent source of nutrients to make your immune system strong. These quarters include 3 grams of saturated fat which is good for body. Therefore, provided quarters are high in proteins which promotes a healthy nerve cell. Chicken Leg Quarters are easy to make various types of non-veg cuisines by adding tasty spices and herbs. These are purchased from us at reasonable market prices.


Chicken Gizard

Owing to the proficiency and immense experience in this filed, we are bringing a wide range of Chicken Gizard. It is for energy production which is useful to replenish the cell. It makes the muscle strong and healthy. Chicken Gizard has a less amount of saturated fat which reduce the risk of heart disease. This meat is full of protein and doesnt have any add on radicals in it. Provided gizard is able to prevent anaemia and improve the brain function.


Chicken Drumstick

We are engaged in presenting a broad array of Chicken Drumstick. It basically promotes healthy bone as it contains a high amount of calcium. This drumstick is used to prevent bone density and improve the stamina in body. Apart from this, provided drumstick is helpful to improve the digestive system. Chicken Drumstick is also useful to control the blood sugar level and risk of diabetes. It is easy to digest and gives a proper relieves to respiratory disorders. 

Fresh Chicken

We have attained a powerful position in dealing a superior quality of Fresh Chicken. It is used to maintain a healthy appetite and keep your bones strong. It has essential nutrients like zinc, copper, vitamins etc. This chicken is not added with any hormones or artificial colours. It is good for heart and control poor cholesterol. It is easy to boiled and cooked with other tasty food items. Fresh Chicken is also boost immunity and doesnt include any amino acid.




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